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    Jen Herrera's story

    Not long after her bicycle gang, The Whoriers, was run out of New York City for drunk driving on the sidewalk around Greenwich Village, Jen Herrera moved to London where she could still cruise her custom lime green Schwinn without being pulled over by the filth or suffer their accursed wire tapping. Or their helicopters. Or their damn drones.

    Jen loves bikes.

    She's also pretty crazy about the work of highly creative, iconoclastic directors and after 15 years working the business on both sides of the Atlantic she's built a formidable roster.

    Las Bandas Be Brave is the home Jen created for directors who push creative video direction to the limit in order to achieve outstanding results for clients and audiences.

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    Andy Robert's Story

    Andy has a head for music, a body for videos and a passion for talent.   In the almost 2 decades he's been in music video and film, Andy's written for Interview and Dazed, been a researcher for the likes of Edgar Wright, Vaughan Arnell and Howard Greenhalgh.

    He's directed videos for Ladytron and lots of bands that aren't Ladytron, and just returned from Oz where he helped organize a world record-setting gang dance for the city of Melbourne.

     Andy's safeword is "Bootylicious"